Hollywood ‘blacklists’ this fierce conservative actress because of her faith

Hollywood ‘blacklists’ this fierce conservative actress because of her faith

I admire Stacey Dash a great deal. She is a devout Christian and is proud of that and stands by her principles. She claims she has been blacklisted in Hollywood because of her faith and her conservative values. They are blocking her from getting any acting roles. Even her agents have dropped her. Hey, but if you are a pedophile, Hollywood hearts you. But since Dash is vocal about her biblical views and believing in conservative politics, she is shunned and cast out. Disgusting.


From One News Now:

Hollywood actress Stacey Dash asserts that she is being persecuted by the entertainment industry because she has been vocal about her conservative values, which have been deemed as politically incorrect and offensive to those behind and in front of the camera.

After publically voicing her biblical views on various political issues, Dash claims that she has not been able to land any acting roles.

“My acting opportunities have ceased because of my political beliefs,” the Christian actress told CNSNews. “I’m being persecuted in Hollywood.”

Dash says that her Christian worldview has resulted in the entire entertainment industry shutting her out.

“I’ve been blacklisted,” the entertainer continued. “My agents have dropped me.”

According to Dash, the lack of work is a spiritual battle over right and wrong — a fight in which she knows God is on her side. “I haven’t auditioned in over a year because of my beliefs and what I stand for,” she shared. “But I know that this is what God wants me to do.” She has faith that God will get her through this tough time and she won’t cave to political pressure in Hollywood. “And so with that, I will stand and I will do it, because I know that what God wants for me no man will keep from me,” the vocal actress insisted. Dash firmly believes that God is in control: “God tried to teach me lesson after lesson after lesson, and it wasn’t until I finally got beat down to the ground that I realized that, you know what? I have to let go,” the faithful actress shared. “I owe it to God to be a woman of faith — a woman that fears the Lord, a woman that loves the Lord and a woman that trusts the Lord,” Dash expressed. “Jesus walks with me every day,” Dash rejoiced, according to TheBlaze. Dash became even more unpopular in Hollywood after the release of her recent book: There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative, that was published describing how her life was literally turned upside-down after she made the decision to turn to God. Good for Dash – it’s nice to see a woman of faith stand her ground.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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