Hollywood Climate Change NUTS Are SCARED… So They’re Abandoning Their Coastal Homes [VIDEO]

Hollywood Climate Change NUTS Are SCARED… So They’re Abandoning Their Coastal Homes [VIDEO]

Malibu. Home to famous beaches seen on many movies and TV shows, and also home to some of Hollywood’s biggest lefty idiots on the planet. The actors and actresses that inhabit this area in California are also some of the most outrageous climate change fear mongers in the world.

Now it seems that this highly priced area is being abandoned by the same lefties that push the climate junk…And it’s because they are scared!

Anthony Paradise, an international agent for Sotheby’s, gave his explanation of the occurrence:

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“The whole ‘being on the beach’ thing has started to fade away in Malibu because of global warming and climate change. Some people will buy on the land side because they’re fearful that ocean-side homes may disappear.”

Santiago Arana is another real estate expert that said all the climate change fright is driving some housing prices higher than what they should be normally.

“The smaller the beach gets at Broad Beach, the bigger the numbers are going to get here [in Malibu Park]. Right now, prices are starting to move into the $15 million to $20 million range. Some of that has to do with the fact that in the last five years, people have started looking at beachfront differently.”

Hollywood’s been on this path of looniness for a very long time now, so all this moving closer landward shouldn’t be a surprise. Actors and actresses have been at the head of the global warming scare tactics for quite awhile, with a lot of them doing what Democrats and liberals do best – throwing huge amounts of money at a problem that doesn’t exit and also using their private, fuel burning jets to attend various climate change meetings all around the world… Like our idiot friend here:

I see dumb people and it’s looking to be a lot of them…

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