Hollywood CRUMBLING! Kevin Spacey Admits He’s Gay After Accusations Of Sexual Advance Towards 14 Yr-Old

Hollywood CRUMBLING! Kevin Spacey Admits He’s Gay After Accusations Of Sexual Advance Towards 14 Yr-Old

Usually when you see a celebrity name trending on social media, it’s because they’ve died.

But with Kevin Spacey, it’s a lot worse. He has now been accused of seducing 14 year-old Anthony Rapp, and Kevin has updated his social media with a notice that, yeah, he may have mishandled a 14 year-old boy, but he was drunk and can’t remember it, oh and also he’s gay now.

Here’s what he posted early this morning:

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Well, this sure makes House of Cards (where he engages in bisexuality) and American Beauty (where he attempts to seduce a teenage girl) even stranger. Also, note the “sorry, I was drunk, ha, ha, ha… let’s not talk about the fact that I sexually assaulted a teenage boy, I’m gay now, you can’t say anything against me!”

Anthony Rapp, who brought the accusation, is openly gay and now 46 with a part in the newest Star Trek series and has been telling this story to the media with an interview in the gay magazine The Advocate in 2001 describing Kevin Spacey laying down on top of him. At the time the interview was published, the magazine chose to redact Spacey’s name probably for the many legal issues that would’ve immediately sprang up.

It’s looking more and more like this has been known in Hollywood circles for years, but has been ignored. He’s too valuable a property, I guess. You can’t have the star of major movies and the main character of a popular running Netflix show being a sexual assaulter. This is one time that the gay community doesn’t seem to be wanting to let him hide underneath a rainbow flag, though, and will probably be part of the media effort to oust him from his position. Having another gay celebrity is good for gay/lesbian causes, but not if they’re into teens.

With the Harvey Weinstein revelations, we commented on the fact that at an awards show, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane made a (too real) joke congratulating the actresses who were up for awards, saying that they no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein, getting big laughs from the room and a grimace from actress Emma Stone beside him. And now people are noticing that Seth was making jokes about a pedophilic Kevin Spacey in this 2005 clip from Family Guy, showing a naked baby Stewie running through a mall yelling, “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement!”

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