Hollywood Demands Americans Reject NRA – Unleash Massive Campaign #RejecttheNRA [VIDEO]

Hollywood Demands Americans Reject NRA – Unleash Massive Campaign #RejecttheNRA [VIDEO]

Gee, why would Hollywood be in such a panic to move attention away from what’s currently dominating the news about them? They couldn’t have pulled this together to turn everyone away from the sleazebag “sex addict” producer Harvey Weinstein, the man that Meryl Streep called “God”?

The celebrities are all taking part in an anti-gun campaign designed to get you to stop asking about that Harvey pervert and to start calling your local politicians, asking them to “reject the NRA.” The campaign was inspired by the Las Vegas Massacre, which was something that I’m pretty sure the NRA rejected as well. The NRA doesn’t hold shadowy meetings to encourage murder.

The video was produced by a Michael Bloomberg-funded group called the Everytown for Gun Safety, with this particular public service announcement focusing on the NRA. The PSA doesn’t have any decent action items and none of the celebs are giving us much indication if they know anything at all about guns. So far, nobody can think up any laws that would have stopped Stephen Paddock from murdering those people in Las Vegas and even ban-the-bump-stock enthusiast Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein has admitted that she doesn’t know any laws that would have stopped this particular attack.

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So, instead of providing a solution, the celebs are urging you to call up your local Congressional representative and get after them for reasons that have nothing to do with Las Vegas. The particular message in this video is against national reciprocity for concealed carry, which is a program that allows people with concealed carry permits in their home state to use the same permit in other states. They also want to oppose the SHARE act which will, among other things, remove federal tax from suppressors as if suppressor taxes were the reason Paddock went on his rampage.

I don’t know who most of these people are so I’ll have to guess for some of them. They have Emma Stone from La La Land (but now, she’s better known as being the one with a frozen face as Seth McFarlane made a joke about actresses who no longer need to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein).

Who’s in this video? They have fake Marilyn Monroe with hair extensions:

Oh that’s neat, they even got Ellen. She looks awful.

No, sorry, that’s the guy from Mad Men. Or Anderson Cooper before makeup.

And this is, uh, Chris Farley I think?

Okay, I know Laura Dern, but what kind of savage makes a phone call from the outside? That’s just rude.

Comments on this video are disabled, so good luck getting your opinion out there.

Checking back through, I realize that I missed Melissa McCarthy and Sheryl Crowe. My mistake. I see a lot of movies, but I do a tremendously poor job of remembering the names of the actors involved.

Here’s the two minute ad:

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