Hollywood Hits Self-Destruct Mode In Reaction To Harvey Sexual Harassment Allegations

Hollywood Hits Self-Destruct Mode In Reaction To Harvey Sexual Harassment Allegations

Ahhh, Hollywood. Full of the most liberal people the country has to offer. They preach about how much they care for women and how everything in the world is sexist until they deem otherwise. They support Planned Parenthood and “women’s rights,” and yet a shocking number of those in Hollywood seem to have a penchant for victimizing women.

These incidences are largely ignored unless they become public knowledge. Then it is the worst thing to ever happen and this person needs to be blacklisted from ever working in the business again. Funny, isn’t it?

Democratic donor and Hollywood super-producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed as being a serial sexual harasser by the New York Times and now those he once cavorted with and even cast in his films are turning against him, attempting to purge him from their industry.

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Rose McGowan, who starred in “Scream” in 1996 and won a sexual harassment lawsuit against Weinstein, was one of the first to issue a tweet about the incident.

Once it caught on that this story wasn’t just bad for Weinstein, but anyone who associated with him over the years as well as currently, more in Hollywood began calling him out.

And then Weinstein decided to start making excuses for his behavior and it only made things worse. He cited “growing up in the 60s and 70s” where he claims “all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different.”

While I blame Hollywood for a lot, and will continue to do so when it is well deserved, it is nice to know that they are willing to stand up and do the right thing, even if it was in response to other women doing the same thing.

Weinstein is a predator and over the years he has been forced to pay off eight women who took him to court over his sexually inappropriate behavior. This isn’t about the decades in which he grew up, this is about him repeatedly victimizing women who he found attractive, regardless of whether they cared for him in the same way.

He is a disgusting pig and it’s no surprise that he was a big Democrat donor, and even threw a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Birds of a feather flock together, you know.

Let’s hope that the Democrats and those in Hollywood learn to be more careful about the people with whom they associate. They don’t need anymore bad publicity.

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