Hollywood Star SHOCKS With ‘War On Women’ Comments – And They’re AWESOME [VIDEO]

Hollywood Star SHOCKS With ‘War On Women’ Comments – And They’re AWESOME [VIDEO]

I’m surprised at this… I thought Jodie Foster was a gay feminist. I’m thrilled to hear her say that she doesn’t think there is a big plot to keep women down. She was recently asked about that at the Tribeca Film Festival where she was promoting her new movie “Money Monster.” She says she is sick of the “woman thing” and I could not agree more. Her movie though, strikes me as a hit piece on Wall Street and big money. It’s about a financial media personality being taken hostage by a guy who lost everything in the stock market. I have nothing against Wall Street and bankers, but I consider the stock market rigged gambling. Only the very wealthy win at it. That’s just not my kind of movie.

General Atmosphere - 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

From BizPac Review:

Hollywood heavyweight Jodie Foster has had enough of hearing about the “war on women” in Hollywood.

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During a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival, along side her “Money Monster” co-director Julie Taymor, the 53-year-old said she was “sick of” the “woman thing.”

“There are so many reasons,” she said, according to the Washington Post. “Some of them are about our psychology, some of them are about the financial world, some of them are about the global economy. There are so many answers to that go back hundreds of years. It would be nice to be able to have a more complex conversation and to be able to look at it more than just a quota or numbers.

“I don’t think there is a big plot to keep women down,” she continued. “It is neglect really, and a lot of people that weren’t thinking about it, and a lot of female executives who have risen to the top, who have not really made a dent of bringing many women into the mainstream world.”

At least Jodie Foster is one to speak her mind honestly. I don’t see a war on women out there… I see a war on Christians and conservatives and it is raging out of hand. I guess the leftists are even getting sick of all the feminist crap out there. Foster claims that her new film is not political, but rather character-driven. The trailer looks political and you’ve got a solid leftist in George Clooney in the lead there. Foster is a rarity in Hollywood… a female producer. But she never let that stop her. She made it where she is today through hard work and talent, not because she’s a woman. I’m sure her comments are rubbing some of the liberal community the wrong way, but she’s a strong woman, which I respect and she can hold her own. She’s right… you make it as a person… as a force to be reckoned with… not because of your sex or race.

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