James Wood Jumps on Stage, CRASHES Hollywood Awards Show After They Trash Trump [VIDEO]

James Wood Jumps on Stage, CRASHES Hollywood Awards Show After They Trash Trump [VIDEO]

Awards show season has so far been marked with protests and pompous speeches from liberal celebrities. Conservatives aren’t very welcome in Hollywood, although some have the courage to stand up and speak out. That includes James Woods, who did the unthinkable at the Writers Guild of America awards.

james woods

Woods is one of the only people in Hollywood to speak out in support of Donald Trump. And at the awards show on Monday, Patton Oswalt had his opening monologue interrupted by Woods when, instead of talking about great writing in Hollywood, he spent the time trashing Trump. Then Oswalt made the mistake of calling out Woods, saying, “I don’t want to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage. Which would be an honor by the way. That guy is amazing.”

So, Woods came right up onstage. “Buy a pair of shoes!” he yelled from the front row and then marched up to Oswalt and took one of his shoes. “What are these f*cking shoes? This is an awards show!” he said, jokingly brandishing Oswalt’s sneakers. “By the way, I lost half of my Twitter following today coming here.” Oswalt fired right back, saying, “Wow, all those egg avatars gone? That’s terrible!”

Later, on Twitter, both men continued, insisting that what happened was spontaneous and not staged at all.

Playful though the debate may have been, it was refreshing to see someone step up and put a stop to the Trump-bashing. It’s fine for celebrities to hold liberal opinions and to express them… but in the appropriate forum. Awards shows are not that. People don’t need to see celebrity proselytizing during an entertainment event. They need to get that through their heads.

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