James Woods Forced To Retire From Acting… Hollywood Blacklists Him Because He’s Conservative

James Woods Forced To Retire From Acting… Hollywood Blacklists Him Because He’s Conservative

We all know that Hollywood isn’t friendly to conservatives. How many times have you been preached at by an actor or actress who doesn’t understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes? You have to “open your heart and home to refugees” when you can barely afford to keep a roof over your own head.

Everything liberal and progressive is seen as brave and supportable, but tell a woman she needs to pay for her own birth control, or that perhaps the middle class being able to keep more of the money they bust their backs for would help the economy and suddenly you’re the Antichrist in plain clothes.

This is why, according to James Woods, he has been forced to retire from his acting job in Hollywood.

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Woods says that he has accepted that he was “blacklisted” in Hollywood and that was the only reason he was able to share his beliefs with others.

He also mentioned the hypocrisy in Hollywood where they preach “tolerance,” but Republicans are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak up about their politics, the way their liberal counterparts do.

Ironically, there is no love in Hollywood for Woods who was, until Bill Clinton’s impeachment, a Democrat.

“Every single #Democrat without exception stood behind a convicted perjurer,” he tweeted. “That was the end.”

So, conservatives are being pushed out of the entertainment industry and I’m relatively sure it’s so they can’t produce content that might move impressionable young people toward conservative and/or Republican ideals. Those who control the media (and not just the news), control the youth. Those who control the youth, can produce an entire generation of like-minded people and like-minded people will not reject the party line.

Essentially, the entertainment industry has become an arm of social engineering, where dissent is not tolerated. Why else would Republican actors be shoved into a corner where their views can’t be seen? Why else would they blacklist anyone with conservative ideals, or cancel their shows? Why would they do these things unless there is some larger purpose?

I used to think that perhaps Mean Girls was written about Hollywood and their inability to integrate Republicans into their ranks, and that the entertainment industry was one giant popular kids’ table telling conservatives “you can’t sit with us,” but now I fear that something far more sinister is taking place.

What do you think?

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