Jay Leno Surprisingly Defends President Trump From Attacks By Late Night Hosts

Jay Leno Surprisingly Defends President Trump From Attacks By Late Night Hosts

You know it’s getting bad when Jay Leno has to step in and tell late night television show hosts that they’re being a little too harsh on the President.

It’s okay to dislike the President and it’s okay to go after him on your show. (Preferably with a factual basis, but several have discarded that in favor of a more personal approach.) Apparently, however, it’s not okay to continually bash someone on every show in an effort to get brainwashed laughs.

Leno, not a huge fan of Trump, believes that the left has gone way too far in expressing their disdain for Trump.

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“We live in an era now where if you don’t take sides, both sides hate you,” remembering that it wasn’t so long ago that the stakes weren’t nearly so high.

“Bush was dumb, and Clinton was horny,” Leno explained. “When I was doing a monologue, I never questioned anybody’s patriotism — you questioned their judgment.”

He also made it clear that the continuous bashing isn’t going to change anyone’s mind, but rather it will just make people numb to the goings on of the country.

“It should be called, ‘What Did Trump Do Now?’ That’s basically what everybody’s monologue is,” he said. “You almost wish for a normal day, just to have a joke.”

Jay Leno was a real comedian, even when it was joking about a politician. His monologues were never malevolent or hateful, they weren’t bashing an entire segment of the American population or telling them they’re stupid. Even if you liked the politician, he made you laugh with his jokes.

I wish we could go back to that and stop being so partisan. Now, that’s not saying that hosts can’t incorporate their political views into their shows, but continuously doing it is just going to turn people off.

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