Joey Feek says a Tearful Goodbye to Her Best Friend

Joey Feek says a Tearful Goodbye to Her Best Friend

No one ever wants to say good bye- especially not to their best friend. Joey Feek had to face the sad truth of looking through the lens of cancer makes it especially real. I feel so bad for the Feek family:

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Goodbyes are the worst…especially when that goodbye is to your best friend. Your best friend is the one who can make you laugh the hardest when life is good and hug you the hardest when life turns awful. They love you when you are at your best, and they find a way to love you even more when you’re not. So saying goodbye to those people – whether at the airport after a great trip or even on the phone after one of those conversations you will always remember – can be tough.

But you know you will always see them again.

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At least that’s how life is supposed to work, right?

In the case of Joey Feek, saying goodbye to her best friend turned out to be even harder considering the stark reality of her ongoing cancer battle.

“Joey’s best friend Julie has been here for a week and was supposed to leave this evening and fly back home to Oregon where she and her husband Joe live,” Rory Feek wrote in a January 16 blog post. ( “But this morning as I sat beside my wife, and Julie started packing her things… Joey’s tears began to fall.

She was inconsolable. I put my arms around her and asked what was wrong. As her lips quivered and she tried to catch her breath, the tears streamed down her cheeks and Joey said, “I don’t think I will ever see her again.”

So like any best friend, Julie listened to Joey’s heart at that moment, and she stayed. “There is a right time to say goodbye,” Rory continued. “Today isn’t that day.”

I’ve been touched in unimaginable ways by the stories of people I have said goodbye to. There is nothing that can or will change the ending of this story, but I hope and pray for God’s comfort, strength, and love to this family.

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