Jon Stewart OBLITERATES Trump Bashers in Most Epic Way Possible

Jon Stewart OBLITERATES Trump Bashers in Most Epic Way Possible

I didn’t care for Jon Stewart when he was on the Daily Show, but I’m warming to him since he left. In an about face as he was doing an interview with the New York Times, he slammed Barack Obama and gave a semi-endorsement to Donald Trump. He said that he was optimistic about life under President Donald Trump, mainly because he was able to survive eight years of Barack Obama. I know just how he feels.

“Obama has been in office for eight years, and I don’t know about you, but it seems like there’s still s**t to do,” he said to TV Critic James Poniewozik. Actually, there’s a lot more to do and undo now because of all the Marxist havoc wreaked by Obama. So, that’s an understatement. Stewart went on to say that he was politically liberal, but disagreed with Obama on a lot of issues. Careful Stewart, you are beginning to sound almost Libertarian. For instance: “I thought they were terrible for press freedom. I still am not quite sure I understand a centralized policy of spying and droning,” he said.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

That can’t be how this story ends,” he said. “I’m optimistic because, I cant believe how much better this country is than it was when it started. It’s always up and back.”

Stewart’s latest confession comes one week after he told Charlie Rose that the media needs to stop painting Trump supporters as a bunch of racist hicks.

“This has to stop. This idea that we’re all… that our team is perfect and the other team is demons,” he said. “And this is not like a Kumbaya, let’s all get along. Let’s [expletive] fight, but let’s fight with precision and integrity, and not with just demonization.

“And I’ll say this, I know a lot of first responders. I spent a lot of time in that community. A [expletive] of them voted for Trump,” he continued. “The same people that voted for Trump ran into burning buildings and saved whoever the [expletive] they could no matter what color they were, no matter what religion and they would do it again tomorrow.

So, if you want to sit and tell me that those people are giving tacit approval to an exploitative system ― I say, ‘OK, and would you put your life on the line for people who aren’t like you? Because they did.’ I get mad about this stuff.”

Stewart points out that Obama didn’t fix everything and Trump can’t ruin everything. That’s certainly true. We will weather whatever is to come… I mean, we survived Obama, right? And I sure wasn’t certain we would. Stewart seems very optimistic about the future. Who knew he had it in him?

Jon Stewart says he expects Americans to hold Trump accountable and so do I. He’s still concerned about illegal aliens being deported and Muslims being profiled. I am too… just in the opposite direction. I think Stewart may find himself disappointed in those areas. But at least he’s willing to give Trump a chance. He certainly obliterated Trump bashers out there and that was a welcome surprise.

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