Kathie Lee was Told to SHUT UP on Her Christian Views… She Refuses – Does THIS Instead!

Kathie Lee was Told to SHUT UP on Her Christian Views… She Refuses – Does THIS Instead!

Hollywood is not a friendly place to celebrities with faith. But that hasn’t kept Kathie Lee Gifford from speaking proudly about being a Christian.

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In a candid interview, the mother of two, Today co-host, and recent widow opened up about how she came to know the Lord and why she’s so passionate about sharing her faith in Jesus Christ.

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I’ll be honest, I’ve always loved Kathie Lee, but now I love her even more!

On August 9th, 2015, the love of Kathie Lee’s life went to be with the Lord. In the midst of losing her best friend — world renowned, hall-of-fame football player Frank Gifford — Kathie Lee took the opportunity to share the Gospel.

… When Kathie Lee arrived in Hollywood, she joined a Bible study with like-minded Christians in the entertainment industry — but they were often “chastised far more by Christians than anyone else.”

“They’d ask, ‘How can you say you’re a Christian and be in Hollywood?’ I’d always respond, ‘How could I be in Hollywood and not be a Christian?’ How could I put up with the work and rejection without the security of God’s faithfulness?”

… “The Devil would have us give up. The Devil would have us stop sharing the Word. He would have us stop giving hope to the hopeless. And we can’t fall for that. As much as we long for a different world, we have to stay in this one for now. It’s up to us to make an impact for Christ until He comes or until He takes us. The words God spoke to me 50 years ago are just as true today, and for every moment I have left, I will trust Him to work His beautiful plan for me.” – Kathie Lee Gifford

It takes a lot of bravery to be an openly religious celebrity. Good for Kathie Lee for refusing to be silenced.

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