Kathy Griffin Gets BAD NEWS After Vile Trump Beheading Photos

Kathy Griffin Gets BAD NEWS After Vile Trump Beheading Photos

Breitbart did a fantastic job of showing how Twitter has melted down over Kathy Griffin posing with a mock-up of a beheaded President Trump covered in blood. As I pointed out yesterday, she looked like she was auditioning for ISIS. This is the most outrageous stunt I have ever seen. Her apology yesterday seemed very contrived to me. I think the plan all along was to shock everyone and then pretend to apologize. Not buying it. Griffin did manage to do one thing though… she brought just about everyone from both sides together in solidarity to express their disgust over her ‘art’. CNN should fire her immediately.

This woman will do anything evidently to be in the spotlight. She joked with the photography/artist that she cooked this up with that they would have to leave the country. Although I would love that, they don’t mean it. This is all an attention-grabbing gag to them. However, I would hope that the Secret Service, the FBI and DHS all darken her doorstep over this atrocity. She definitely threatened the life of President Trump whether that is what she fully intended or not.

From Breitbart:

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After left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin posed with a bludgeoned look-alike, severed head of President Donald Trump, social media has exploded with reactions to the controversial photo.

The image of Griffin, obtained by TMZ, depicts a gory, severed version of Trump’s head, as the former Fashion Police host stands with a cold expression on her face.

Now, social media users have gone online to express their disgust for the image:




Meanwhile, mainstream media reports downplayed the photo of Griffin, shifting the conversation to another topic:


Griffin has forced her way into the mainstream, hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special for the last few years with Anderson Cooper.

The comedian-turned-political spokesperson also enjoyed a long run on Andy Cohen’s Bravo network as the star of the reality show My Life on The D-List.

Representatives for CNN and Griffin did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

CNN is not commenting so far. But consider if she had done this to Barack Obama… just how fast do you think Griffin would have been fired? It’s not funny, it’s terrorist propaganda and it is one of the most vicious things I have ever had the displeasure of seeing in the media. This will win even more people over to Donald Trump by the way. I don’t think this is turning out the way Griffin envisioned.

Some are calling it Satanic… I wouldn’t go that far, but it is definitely evil and soulless. There are those on the left that immediately thought it was funny and started counting down to when Trump would tweet on it. I haven’t heard that he has. I hope his little boy didn’t see this. It’s horrific. The left is already sick of the moral outrage because they have none. Griffin should by shunned by everyone over this permanently. You just don’t do this vile kind of crap and skate on it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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