Kid Rock Gets Heartbreaking News – He Needs Our Support

Kid Rock Gets Heartbreaking News – He Needs Our Support

Losing a loved one is a trial in life, that none of us get to dodge. Losing a loved one to an unexpected freak accident, is worse. Kid Rock is going through just that right now and he could use some prayers.

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From the Daily Mail:

In audio of the call, obtained by TMZ, the musician is at first calm – though noticeably shaken – as he tells the operator that he needs an ambulance and that it seems like his assistant, Michael Sacha, is already dead.

But the singer quickly loses patience when his phone keeps breaking up and the operator repeatedly questions him about what happened.

‘Send an ambulance!’ Kid Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, tells the operator

‘Ok, I have not yet because I need to know what’s going on, What is your name sir?’ the operator asks.

‘Send the ambulance now!’ Ritchie responds, before the operator asks him to tell her exactly what happened.

‘I don’t know,’ he continues. ‘There’s a Polaris [a type of ATV], my Polaris is off the driveway, and it looks to be my assistant. He’s dead!

‘…There’s a body laying next to it,’ he adds.

The operator begins to speak again but Ritchie quickly cuts her off.

‘I need a f****** ambulance!’ he yells.

‘Sir, I’m going to send you an ambulance, but I’m having a hard time hearing you. Your phone is breaking up badly. I heard you say your Polaris is off–

‘What part of send an ambulance don’t you f****** hear?’ Ritchie snaps

‘Sir, you yelling at me is not going to help the situation, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on, ok?’ the operator says.

This is when a woman takes the phone from Ritchie and starts speaking to the operator more calmly.

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Sending prayers of comfort to all those affected by this horrible loss…

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