Kid Rock Has Words For Colin Kaepernick – ‘F*** You’ [WATCH]

Kid Rock Has Words For Colin Kaepernick – ‘F*** You’ [WATCH]

Colin Kaepernick may be a failed NFL quarterback, but he’s still managing to keep his name in the headlines. The football player-turned-social justice warrior will soon have his very own exhibit in the Smithsonian and the protest he spawned is still going strong. While liberals are loving it, not everyone else is impressed. Potential Michigan Senate candidate Kid Rock was performing at the Iowa State Fair and he didn’t hold anything back.

Kid Rock kept most of the concert politics-free, but towards the end, he began to give his thoughts on multiple topics. He talked about the solar eclipse, Justin Bieber and eventually, the National Anthem protests in the NFL.

He had launched into a rendition of his song “Born Free,” but when he got to the bridge, he stopped to deliver a quick insult to Kaepernick himself. “Football’s about ready to start,” he said. “You know what? F*** Colin Kaepernick.” Kaepernick has not been able to find himself a team willing to take him, after playing a dismal season for the San Francisco 49ers last year and launching the controversial protest during which he refused to stand for the National Anthem.

It’s believed that Kid Rock earned $600,000 for his performance at the state fair.

In addition to trashing Kaepernick, Kid Rock made sure to keep fueling the flames of speculation regarding his potential Senate run. He sold “Kid Rock for Senate” shirts during the show and a photo of Donald Trump was seen flashing across the screen at one point. In July, he seemingly confirmed his political plans, saying that he was “sick and tired” of the “bullsh*t” and had launched a website, Kid Rock 18. But just a short time later, he backtracked, saying that he was still making up his mind on whether or not he would run. If he did, though, polls show that he would be a favorite to win.

Do you think Kid Rock should run for Senate?

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