KISS’ Gene Simmons: “You Want to Win the War on Terror? Profile Everyone, Profile ME!” [VIDEO]

KISS’ Gene Simmons: “You Want to Win the War on Terror? Profile Everyone, Profile ME!” [VIDEO]

Simmons poses at the fifth annual Golden Gods awards at Club Nokia in Los Angeles

It has been 15 years now that we have been fighting the War on Terror. While during George W. Bush’s presidency, we had very few terrorist attacks on American soil. But since Barack Obama has been president, that has changed, especially over the last year. There have been shootings and bombings… and yet Obama is refusing to change anything. After welcoming thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria, we saw an uptick in terrorist attacks… yet, Obama has plans to allow over 110,000 more to enter the United States next year. They have to be Muslim, of course, because racial profiling is the worst thing anyone can do, ever! Well, according to Obama and his fellow liberals, anyway.

But that’s exactly what we should be doing, according to KISS front man Gene Simmons. According to him, if we want to win the War on Terror, we need to start profiling everyone… even him!

Check out the video below:

“Everyone needs to get smart. I’m okay with profiling,” Simmons declared. “I want you to stop me first. I want you to stop me because I look a certain way. And if I’m clear, than profile someone else. It’s emergency powers during war. There’s a war going on.”

But it’s unfair, liberals will certainly cry. Simmons had a response to that, too. “It is unfair,” he said. “That’s why the words ‘too bad’ exist.”

It’s kind of sad that the leader of a classic rock band has more common sense than liberal politicians do. Yes, profiling isn’t “nice.” But being nice doesn’t prevent terrorism. Profiling does — just look at Israel, which is surrounded by countries full of terrorists eager to literally wipe them off the map, yet they’re not only still there, they’re one of the strongest countries in the world. Somehow, profiling works well for them.


Muslims are not all terrorists. We know that. But most terrorists in today’s world are, in fact, Muslims. There is nothing wrong with taking a closer look at young Muslim men, for example, to ensure that they don’t have ties to any terrorist organizations like ISIS. If they don’t, then what’s the problem?

Liberals complain that profiling violates people’s constitutional rights, yet somehow, they’re perfectly fine with that when it comes to Second Amendment rights. They’re all about gun control, because if it saves even one life, we should do it, even though it infringes upon our constitutional rights. Yet profiling is completely unacceptable? Get real, liberals. You make no sense.

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