Lena Dunham: Vegas Shooting Has To Be Politicized – It’s About Gender And Race Too!

Lena Dunham: Vegas Shooting Has To Be Politicized – It’s About Gender And Race Too!

Lena Dunham, 31, is using the deaths of 59 people to push her political views.

Before you see the tweet, keep in mind that in her first breath she says: “Let’s not politicize this!” then proceeds to politicize the massacre to the hilt.

Hear that, grieving families? Step aside, because the time for your mourning is over and it’s time for gross actress Lena Dunham to stand on the graves of your loved ones and bellow about gender and race.

I noticed a few things on social media yesterday, watching the death toll rise and the hot takes come in. The people who know guns were discussing if they could figure out what kind of (illegal automatic) firearms that Stephen Paddock was using from the sound and from the load time between firing, and guessing at the cost, because some illegal automatic guns can cost well over a quarter of a million dollars on the black market. Knowing that the perpetrator had perhaps over a million dollars worth of firearms, not to mention camera equipment and ammo, is crucial to piecing together what kind of preparation Paddock had undergone before the massacre.

The right-wingers did not consider the act to be “random,” because something was clearly very wrong. Random is rolling dice in the casino. It’s not random to be murdered from above in one of the safest night life spots in America.

The lefties who hate guns lost their minds arguing for gun control, with even Hillary Clinton talking about silencers as if she had any sweet clue about how a silencer works.

Left-wing social media makes a beeline back to talking about themselves at any chance.

A few months ago, we wrote up Lena Dunham for auctioning her clothing online for the purpose of enjoying a fresh start in a brand new wardrobe in the Era of Trump. She announced she’d be giving 70% of the proceeds from the sales to Planned Parenthood. I can only assume that the remaining 30% was her cupcake budget while she labored to photograph and list all of the items. One of the signature pieces from her collection was the dress she wore on the night of the election. Listing it for $125, she was parting with the dress in which she thought she would welcome a new age of Hillary. Instead, it was the dress she cried in while Trump was declared the victor. And she wasn’t even using eBay like a normal person, she used the online lux consignment store RealReal. Even worse, she is selling her clothes because she thought she would keep them for a “future daughter,” but she explained that she had a “reproductive illness” and if she adopted, her daughter may not identify as a female. Instead of Planned Parenthood, the budget should really go towards some therapy.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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