Liberal George Takei posts hateful Trump poll, it BACKFIRES big time!!

Liberal George Takei posts hateful Trump poll, it BACKFIRES big time!!

George Takei seriously needs to get a new hobby that doesn’t involve smearing and trashing President Trump. It’s frankly pedantic and boring. Evidently, Takei ran an online poll. He asked via Twitter: “Trump says the media is the true enemy of the American people. So let’s take a poll. Who do you think does MORE HARM to the American people?” The answer was 49% ‘The “Unfair” News Media’ and 51% for ‘Donald J. Trump’. That looks very close to a tie to me. But Takei couldn’t stomach it and pulled the tweet. Alas, the Internet is forever. Silly Sulu.

It looks like trolling President Trump backfired on Takei. Instead of admitting he was wrong however, Takei blamed it on the alt-right, which seems to be the new racism card for the left. Anytime something goes wrong or not the way they like, they scream, “Alt-right! and we’re off to the races. Instead of learning from the poll, no matter how it played out, Takei just deleted it. That’s not what I would call very honest.


From Louder with Crowder:

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, you’re George Takei. And let’s say you start a Twitter poll to troll President Trump. And let’s also say, purely for the sake of argument, the results don’t turn out the way you’ve anticipated. You admit you may have been wrong, right?

Silly right-winger! Apologies are for adults…

I mean, the results shouldn’t be that shocking (see New Poll Shows Americans… Trust Trump More Than Media and New Poll Reveals Majority of Americans SUPPORT Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’). A lot of polls agree. There’s no shame in having an unpopular opinion. For proof, see yours truly. In this case however, you were simply wrong. So there’s really only one thing for you to do…

I don’t see how you could be shocked by the results of the poll. If anything, I would have thought the distrust of the media would have been higher than that. I’m a pundit… the first thing I look at in the morning are the headlines, but it is getting harder and harder out there to discern the truth. You’ve even got the AP running with bogus stories claiming that Trump is going to use 1,000 National Guard troops to deport illegal immigrants. Not true. And so it goes… you now have to get multiple sources and really work at ferreting out the truth. As for news, we aren’t getting any really. We now have identity politics and hit jobs. We aren’t really hearing about what’s going on in the world anymore.

Instead of being logical (see Spock), Takei went the emotional route, yanked the poll and blamed the alt-right… we’re not even really sure who that is. But you’ve got to have someone on the right to blame and bonus… Takei says he banned 100 alt-right trolls. You mean people who called you out for lying and hiding the truth? Someone needs a dictionary and I’m pretty sure it’s not me. George Takei doesn’t have the courage or intelligence to stand by a simple poll. And when racism can’t be leveled, he relies on an alt-right smear. I think all that make believe in acting has gone to his head.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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