Liberal Lena launches attack on WHITE WOMEN, what she says is ridiculous [VIDEO]

Liberal Lena launches attack on WHITE WOMEN, what she says is ridiculous [VIDEO]

Dear God, save me from a pious, self-righteous lecture from the likes of moonbat extraordinaire Lena Dunham. She’s going on about how misled white women are for voting for Donald Trump… that they betrayed their sisters and women of color by doing so. Really? I would think she doesn’t have a lot of room to talk since she stands for infanticide. She’s also a notorious liar, so she fits in perfectly on The View. First off, what kind of special hell would it be to have a parent like this feminazi? You want us all to be safe… except for those who are conservative and voted for Donald Trump. And then there are of course those pesky ‘unborn’ among us. They can do without her kind of ‘safe’, thank you very much.

Dunham seems to think that if you are female, that you should automatically be all for abortion. Nope. Lena also seems to have a special hatred of white men, which comprise our families… our husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, etc. This shrew is just full of hate and yet she calls it love. How messed up is that? And just because a white woman voted for Donald Trump does not make her racist. Who the hell is Lena Dunham to lecture anyone on the least little thing that is moral or right? It’s laughable.


From Louder with Crowder:

Lena Dunham and The View. An attractive combination as there’s ever been. They go together like sardines and rotten bobcat sphincter. Allow me to set the stage here. The issue is Dunham feeling she needs to “femsplain” to white women how much they messed up by voting for Donald Trump. She wants to let you know that she’s better than you.

Yes, her logic is as sounds as you would assume…

I think it’s really important to remember that it is an incredible problem that 53% of women in this country — 53% of white women in this country voted for Donald Trump which means that they’re not only voting against the interests of their sisters, of women who may not look like them, who they may not understand but whose rights are just as important, but also remember that they are in that case voting against their own best interest. To me a part of feminism — it’s almost like being a parent to a teenager where they’re so mad at you, they think you’re such a piece of crap and you’re like, I know you hate me right now but the reason I’m doing this is because I love you and I want us all to be safe.

She knows nothing about conservatives or Donald Trump. In fact, she’s not normal. She’s vile and vulgar… maybe she’s related to Joy Behar. As far as I can tell, Donald Trump is not a racist. He’s also not a misogynist. He’s nothing they accuse him of. People like Lena Dunham desperately want someone they can hold up as the bogeyman, so they can paint themselves as heroic standing against them. What Dunham really needs is professional mental help. Seriously.

If you don’t really know who Lena Dunham is, consider yourself lucky. She’s a sleazy liberal that has made headlines for sex, made up sex and wondering about sex. She has written about molesting her little sister, lied about being raped by a GOP guy, proudly dressed up as a Planned Parenthood advocate and is just in general a douche that no one in their right mind would want to associate with. What she says here is ridiculous and she doesn’t represent me as a woman. I find her absolutely disgusting.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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