Liberals DUMBSTRUCK! Kevin Hart REFUSES To Trash Trump – ‘I’m NOT Alienating My Audience!’

Liberals DUMBSTRUCK! Kevin Hart REFUSES To Trash Trump – ‘I’m NOT Alienating My Audience!’

In today’s society, it’s popular to trash Republicans and more specifically the President of the United States. Comedians are always poking fun at politics, but lately it’s become a consistent bash-fest that has driven many people to withdraw their support from some of their favorite funny-men and women.

There are some actors and comedians, however, who refuse to alienate parts of their audience by imposing their political beliefs on people via their comedy.

Kevin Hart is one of those people.

Rich Fury/Invision/AP

During an interview with Variety, Hart explains why he generally stays away from comedy about politics and political figures:

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“When you jump into that political realm you’re alienating some of your audience. The world today, it’s really not a laughing matter. It’s serious. I don’t want to draw attention to things I don’t have nice things to say about.”

I would say that politics is fair game and when done right, it can be really funny. However, tensions are running very high on both sides in America and anything that could be considered a criticism will be attacked by people who have let politics dictate their sense of humor.

It’s important to remember that you can laugh about jokes (that are actually funny, unlike anything Kathy Griffin has done) that poke fun at things that you like. It keeps you humble and reminds you that there is humor in anything. I feel bad for people who can’t take criticism, even in the form of humor, because it must be terrible to be offended all the time. Almost everything can be made funny if you approach it the right way.

I respect that Hart doesn’t want to push anyone away to make social and political statements, though. He’s making a really smart move for his career and reputation. Good for him.

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