Lindsay Lohan Defends Trump: “Stop Bullying and Start Trusting”

Lindsay Lohan Defends Trump: “Stop Bullying and Start Trusting”

Lindsay Lohan has a long history during her short life of scandal, drugs, arrests and bad press. We usually see the “Hollywood types” as people who are so removed from normal society they think that their jobs as actors and directors entitles them to lecture the rest of the country on how to live their lives, especially if that means they should vote for Hillary.

Lindsay has made a bit of entertainment news in the past few days by inviting other big names like Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to her upcoming birthday party and made even bigger news a few months ago when she reportedly converted to Islam, and changed one of her social media bios to “Alaikum Salam,” an Arabic phrase meaning “And unto you peace.”

According to the Daily Mail at the time:

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Lohan has not revealed however if she is in fact converting to the faith, and a rep for the actress did not respond to a request for comment from

Lohan recently rang in the New Year in the Middle East, choosing to vacation in Dubai over the holidays.

There were previously rumors that Lohan might be converting back in 2015 when she was photographed holding a copy of the Quran while doing community service in Brooklyn.

When appearing on the Turkish talk show Haber Turk later [that] year, she explained that the book was actually just a gift from some friends.

Either way, things have been changing in her head. On Monday, in response to a series of tweets that led back to a Breitbart article about the English infant Charlie Gard, whose parents are unable to afford his life support and whose national health service is intending to pull the plug on him, Lohan tweeted about the bad reactions so many allergic liberals have had toward Trump:

She also recently retweeted this pro-conservative tweet:

So, is she Muslim? Is she a Republican now? A conservative? Or is this the most bizarre way to try to remake herself into someone that regular Americans can get back behind and support?

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