Loudmouth Michael Moore Rallies His Facebook Trolls to Get Trump Banned for HATE SPEECH

Loudmouth Michael Moore Rallies His Facebook Trolls to Get Trump Banned for HATE SPEECH

Gasbag Michael Moore is at it again. He’s not capable of intelligent debate, so he resorts to getting his Facebook trolls to report Donald Trump for hate speech in an attempt to get him banned on social media. That’s called censorship, you dolt. Fortunately, Facebook is having none of it and the millions who follow Trump have little to nothing to worry about there. But it does show the true face of the liberal left. When you are a threat to them, they want you silenced and removed from public discourse. It’s Fascism 101 and they excel at it. Moore also had his cadre of communists at Trump’s New York luncheon to cause trouble. It didn’t work. Poor Moore must be devastated.

Michael Moore

From Gateway Pundit:

Michael Moore Recruits Facebook Followers to Report Trump for ‘Hate Speech’

Leftwing filmmaker Michael Moore is asking his followers to report Donald Trump for using “hate speech” on Facebook, in hopes of getting the GOP frontrunner banned from the social media site.

“Facebook prohibits all its users from using hate speech on its site (‘You will not post content that is hate speech’),” wrote Moore in a detailed post on Wednesday. “I’m joining others today in filing a complaint with Facebook that Trump’s Facebook page is using hate speech to promote racism and bigotry.”

Moore added: “Please file your complaint, too. Here’s how: Go to Trump’s page facebook.com/DonaldTrump. Click ‘Report’. Then click ‘It shouldn’t be on FB’. Then click ‘Hate Speech’. Then click either ‘race or ethnicity’ or ‘religious group’. That’s it. Let’s get a few million doing this by the end of the day!”

The New York Daily News reported this week that despite an online campaign to censor Trump, his posts are protected under Facebook’s community standards:

Facebook’s policy does highlight that any hate speech content attacking people on their race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or national origin will be removed. However, Trump’s posts could potentially be protected by another rule under Facebook’s community standards: “Facebook can be used to challenge ideas, institutions, and practices. Such discussion can promote debate and greater understanding.

I predict that next, Moore will petition Twitter to go after Donald Trump as well. He just can’t have someone out there that is a threat to the Hildabeast and Marxists. It’s not enough the jerk makes crappy documentaries and bores us all to death with his liberal blathering, he has to go stir up trouble wherever he can for conservatives. The man has no life. If you really want to see someone chock full of hate, look at Michael Moore. He’s the poster boy for it. Actually, Trump probably has a pretty good case for harassment here. He should sue Moore and relieve him of some of that filthy, capitalistic wealth he’s so keen on ranting against. Then Trump can buy him a one-way ticket to Cuba where he’ll be much more at home with despots and communists. I think Americans would gladly pitch in.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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