MADONNA BANNED, After Threats To Blow Up The White House – She’ll Be TICKED!

MADONNA BANNED, After Threats To Blow Up The White House – She’ll Be TICKED!

Madonna has received a serious amount of backlash for saying that she has thought about blowing up the White House (which would get the average person investigated by the Secret Service.)

You would think that there would be more serious ramifications for anyone in America who threatens the lives of the First Family, but apparently you can get away with it if you’re a washed-up celebrity. Who knew?


From the Conservative Tribune:

Aside from using the “F-bomb” profusely at what was purportedly a family-friendly event, she also spoke of her desire to “blow up the White House” during her anti-Trump rant, comments she has since attempted to walk back as being metaphorical and un-serious.

But according to Fox News, Madonna’s effort to downplay her remarks were not enough to keep her from getting banned — not from the White House, but from the regular rotation on a popular radio station in northeast Texas.

HITS 105fm posted a Facebook status on why they decided to remove any and all Madonna songs from their station.

Before any liberals whine about: “Oh they’re just attacking her because she stuck up for women!” No, they are removing her music because she is a vile, disgusting person who curses in front of small children and threatens the lives of elected officials with whom she does not agree.

Period. End of story.

I’m glad they did it too and I hope more stations jump on board.

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