Man spent over $100,000 to look like Kim Kardashian

Man spent over $100,000 to look like Kim Kardashian

Okay… this is just sick and twisted. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be Kim Kardashian. Just ewwww. But in the UK, she has a male fan (I think he’s male – so hard to tell anymore… sigh) who wants to look just like her. I give you Jordan James Parke. He’s taken fanhood way too far here. He’s had 50 lip-filling operations, eyebrow tattoos, botox injections, laser hair removal and a vampire facial. Don’t even get me started on the slutty wardrobe. He has spent north of $125k on this insanity. This man needs to get a life… his own that is.

Can you imagine what the butt implants alone will cost? And wait till he gets a boob job. Dear Lord. The guy already looks like a plastic surgery nightmare. He needs professional help… seriously.


From Metro:

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A Kim Kardashian superfan has spent £100,000 on cosmetic surgery and designer clothing in an effort to look like the reality TV star.

Jordan James Parke made the decision that he wanted to look like the iconic celeb after first seeing her on Keeping Up With The Kardashians several years ago.

And Mr Parke, from Manchester, has now spent £100,000 on 50 lip-filling operations, eyebrow tattoos, botox injections and laser hair removal, as well as a designer wardrobe to match Kardashian’s.

‘I love everything about Kim. She’s the most gorgeous woman ever,’ Mr Parke, 23, told The Sun.

‘Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her. I’ve never felt better about myself [and] I laugh when people try to insult me by telling me I look plastic or fake.’

Mr Parke has also undergone a £450 ‘vampire facial’ – a procedure that involves injecting blood from the body into the face.

Next up, a nose job. This guy has been transforming himself into Barbie-Kim for over four years. This started with his unhealthy obsession with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which I have never seen and never plan to. This is a woman who got her fame for doing a porn video and for being related to famous people. She’s disgusting.

He says: “Whenever I see a new procedure, I have to try it. I’m in the clinic so often I get a discount.” I bet. He also gets extra points for being shallow, which is a Kardashian must. Parke is a 23 year-old makeup artist. Jordan says he gets a “thrill” from the treatments and admits: “I do borrow money off my family. But I have worked hard, in sales and at a health club.” Great! His family is enabling his mental illness.

“I’ve always dated guys who are quite well off and wanted to spoil me. My ex used to get Botox and get his lips done as well, so the nurse would come round and we’d both get it done and he’d pay.” Jordan even spent his student loans on procedures and claims he would “rather not eat than not get the bag” he wants.

He’s got just one problem: “As my look has become more outrageous, it’s harder to convince people to perform procedures on me.” No ethical plastic surgeon would touch this guy. Please, someone do an intervention and stop this person. Calling Kim.






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