Maroon 5 CANCELS On North Carolina Fans – Over LGBT Bill

Maroon 5 CANCELS On North Carolina Fans – Over LGBT Bill

That’s a shame. I used to like Maroon 5. No more. It’s getting to where I just have to listen to music and ignore the musicians, or I’d run out of music to listen to. Maroon 5 just cancelled their upcoming gigs in North Carolina in protest of the bathroom bill in that state that mandates you use the restroom that biologically suits you. They said ‘morally’ it is what they had to do. Then they have really crappy morals. Wonder how great their morals will be as little girls are raped in bathrooms across the nation? Probably justifiable and all that.


From Perez Hilton:

This law has taken its toll…

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Now you can add Maroon 5 to the seemingly endless list of bands that’s taking a stand against anti-LGBT laws!

The Adam Levine-fronted rock group announced on Friday morning that they have decided to cancel two upcoming concerts in North Carolina in direct response to the controversial and bigoted transgender bathroom bill the state signed into law in March.


Pearl Jam also cancelled, so you can mark them off as well. North Carolina is doing the right thing. I can’t believe how a small majority of mentally unstable perverts are now holding sway over our country. A country who seems to have turned their face from God and embraced sexual deviants. With a monument to Baal going up in New York and Satanism becoming the trendy religion here in the States, you could accurately say the US is going to hell. These twisted morons would protect the rights of people who don’t know what is in their sock drawer and who prey on children and women, but they decry the rights of families and the majority of Americans. They can take their music and stuff it as far as I’m concerned. The battle lines are drawn… all that is left is the skirmish.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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