Meryl Streep trashes Trump in NY, conservatives laughing out loud!

Meryl Streep trashes Trump in NY, conservatives laughing out loud!

Actress Meryl Streep must have a secret crush on Donald Trump. She can’t stop insulting him or talking about him. She was in New York this weekend and trashed Trump during a speech. The results? It had conservatives everywhere laughing at how ridiculous she sounds.

She literally can’t stop talking about the guy. She must have a secret grade school crush on him.

Streep’s latest speech melted like snowflakes as she delivered it during the Human Rights Campaign at the Greater New York Gala at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Besides admitting that she is overrated and over-decorated, she took her moment during the speech to compare government taking guns to Trump taking happiness.

She doesn’t realize that Trump’s supporters are enjoying his Presidency. He’s doing the things he said he would do. People aren’t used to that. He’s even protected liberals and Democrats with his travel restrictions, saving them from potential terror attacks. But alas, the leftists continue fighting the guy because they can’t take a loss and Trump’s hair is the worst ever. He has bad hair, but great executive orders!

Turning to Trump, she said: “But if we live through this precarious moment — if his catastrophic instinct to retaliate doesn’t lead us to nuclear winter — we will have much to thank this president for. Because he will have woken us up to how fragile freedom really is.”

Streep said the country has now learned “how the authority of the executive, in the hands of a self-dealer, can be wielded against the people, and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The whip of the executive can, through a Twitter feed, lash and intimidate, punish and humiliate, delegitimize the press and all of the imagined enemies with spasmodic regularity and easily provoked predictability.”

“All of us have the human right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the actress said.

“If you think people were mad,” Streep said, “when they thought the government was coming after their guns, wait until you see when they try to take away our happiness.”

We’re all happy because Trump won and liberals will finally learn that acting like children is not how you win at life.

Trump brought happiness to adults, but he’s like the strict parent who disciplined his children. The little snowflakes don’t like getting in trouble or not getting their way.

Everyone is happy except for the little liberal snowflake babies.

Meryl Streep acts like a crybaby. Her weakling pathetic attitude is part of the reason Trump won. People are sick of dealing with those who play the victim card and act like whining children.

Frank Lea

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