Michael Moore Demands Trump Open Mar-a-Lago As Shelter For Irma, Forgets Its Directly In The Path

Michael Moore Demands Trump Open Mar-a-Lago As Shelter For Irma, Forgets Its Directly In The Path

I would like to think that a human being could not possess all of the intellectual power of a toad and still be allowed to make films that people take seriously, but it’s 2017 and apparently anyone can be anything they want without fear of reprisal or criticism.

Take Michael Moore, for example, who is as intellectually honest as a rutabaga and yet has millions of followers because… I guess they’re stuck in his orbit. You can’t be the size of a small planet and not have some sort of gravitational pull. I simply refuse to believe that.

Moore is using Hurricane Irma as a way to bash Trump. (I didn’t think it was do-able either, but when you have the will to twist anything, including natural disasters, to your political advantage, apparently anything is possible.)

How exactly did he pull off that feat of complete and utter spin? Well, by asking if Trump had opened his Mar-A-Lago resort to the public as a shelter yet.

Liberal Twitter joined in with calls for Trump to open his resort to those who need help, with many claiming that he was too selfish to do so and was turning away those who need his help the most (a trend they seem to see in his entire Presidency.)

But unfortunately for them, facts are not on their side. Fact is (gird your loins, snowflakes) that Mar-A-Lago is right in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, meaning it is extremely likely to flood and cause damage, as it was built to be a resort, not a flood shelter.

It has also been under a mandatory evacuation order as it is on a barrier island right off of the shore.

It’s no wonder this story has gained traction among journalists who aren’t exactly jumping at the chance to ask intellectually honest and critical questions.

But again, Twitter came to Trump’s defense because it was just so easy.

And yet, these are the same liberals who are hoping, nay, praying that the resort at which Trump spends so much time is wiped off the face of the map like Atlantis. This either means that liberals don’t think things all the way through (which has been proven numerous times before), or they want innocent people to get killed while they are fleeing from the hurricane.

Which is it, libs? Are you that desperate for political points?

Don’t answer, that was a rhetorical question.

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