Michigan Restaurant Bans Michael Moore Over Attacks on “American Sniper” [Video]

Good for Tommy Brann! He should include Howard Dean and a number of others on his ‘will not serve’ list as well. He has every right to say who he will serve and who he won’t. Brann picked the perfect place to start with pulling the welcome mat for Moore and Rogen. Calling Kyle a coward and comparing him to Nazis was a slap in the face to all who have ever served or are serving in our military. Typical elite blustering while acting as though they are on the moral high ground here. Brann should put a sign in his window that says: “No shoes, no shirt, no spine, no service.”

“Michael Moore and Seth Rogen are NOT allowed in my place.”

From Gateway Pundit:

No chicken wings for you!

Michigan business owner Tommy Brann posted this sign outside his sports grille.

The owner said he is honoring the bravery of American Sniper Chris Kyle.

WZZM reported:

He says it’s to honor the bravery of Chris Kyle: a West Michigan business owner says he’s banning filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Seth Rogen from his restaurants.

Moore and Rogen had tweeted harsh criticism the movie “American Sniper,” which tells the story of Chris Kyle.

Moore tweeted that he learned snipers are cowards, and Rogen tweeted that the movie reminded him of a Nazi propaganda film. Both have since backed away from those tweets.

The owner of Brann’s then had his sign show a message that he won’t ever serve Moore or Rogen.

“First of all this isn’t about me,” Tommy Brann said. “I mean, it’s about Chris Kyle, an American hero. What he did was so patriotic. He served our country, and he did it well, and to call somebody that died a coward, I couldn’t believe it.”

Brann says he hopes his sign of respect for Kyle extends, as well, to local men and women serving in the military.

This is a wonderful sign of respect for Chris Kyle and his family. It shows all of our past and present warriors that they are loved and honored, regardless of what some craven celebrity says. Rogen hid when it looked like North Korea or some other terrorist was after him… but he’s a big man when going after someone who was murdered. Jealous much? And Moore – he’s envious as well. A wounded weasel always retreats to their tried and true communist talking points. Moore is a rich elitist who hates America and what it stands for – he pretty much looks down on everyone, but his fellow Marxists. No chicken wings for you guys!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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