NEWS ALERT: Police Make Shocking Announcement About Prince’s Death…

NEWS ALERT: Police Make Shocking Announcement About Prince’s Death…

Prince’s death came as a surprise to a lot of people, but it’s the manner of death that is still in question.


From Conservative Brief:

After the death of Prince, officials from Minneapolis are launching a murder investigation.

While there were reports of a drug overdose as Prince had abused opiates for many years, the police were searching for those who treated the star. All of the staff located at his Paisley Park estate volunteered their phones, email and computers for the police to search, as well as having bene given access to all of Prince’s affairs over the last couple of years.

His staff had built a wall around the star to prevent his addiction troubles from going public.

“A crack team have been assigned with learning minute by minute what Prince was doing during his final days,” a police source said to the Daily Star.

“But the investigation will also look into his activities over the last two years.”

Police have yet to rule out murder and those who supplied the drugs could be facing murder charged if it is proven that the star received enough of these prescription drugs to kill him.

It will be a number of weeks before the results of the autopsy are released as reported by the Minneapolis Star.

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