Phil Robertson Doesn’t Hold Back When He Reveals What the Problem With Liberal Miley Cyrus REALLY Is

Phil Robertson Doesn’t Hold Back When He Reveals What the Problem With Liberal Miley Cyrus REALLY Is

Phil Robertson isn’t shy about his religious beliefs, proudly voicing them no matter how many liberal celebrities get offended. His latest target? Miley Cyrus.

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From the Independent Journal:

Robertson was originally interviewed about his role in a new documentary, “Torchbearer,” which featured images of Miley Cyrus in the trailer as he talked about society’s “moral decay.”

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When asked why the pop icon was featured, he simply tells The Hollywood Reporter:

“The founding fathers were godly men, and I’m no different…Our founders said once your religion goes, then your morality goes, then your freedom goes, and you see with Bernie Sanders they’re wanting to get rid of the Republic and replace it with socialism. America is floundering in sin, and I know that’s a unique word in your part of the country. If you don’t see the decadence around you, dude, promoted by Miley Cyrus and others in Hollywood, then I don’t know what to tell you. If you got an argument in favor of decadence, then give it to me.”

Robertson says he doesn’t regret his previous remarks about the LGBT community, which upset plenty of celebrities.

… The “Duck Dynasty” star says he was truly “shocked” by Sheen’s reaction and is simply trying to “save” them from their sinful ways:

“Can you believe it? I’m shocked that anyone would be mad at old Robertson who lives on the riverbank with a family who loves each other, and they’re mad because someone told them they were sinners. I don’t care who you are. One day you’re going to be six feet deep in a hole, and so am I. I’m just saying, you’re better off having your sins removed. It would give you peace of mind. For all you naysayers, hundreds of thousands have been converted to Jesus from just an old guy like me.”

What’s more, Robertson says he himself used to live in a life of sin. So he’s not judging, he’s just trying to help bring people to Jesus:

“Dude, I used to get high, drunk and laid with the worst of ’em. I did it for 28 years. It’s not like I’ve never been on the other side. I lived a very sinful life ’til I ran up on Jesus. Now I’m just trying to help my neighbor out. Why don’t we love God, love each other and do what’s right? You’re in Hollywood. You’re in the epicenter.”

The 70-year-old also commented on the transgender bathroom issue, saying it’s really a “common sense” issue in which men and women use their respective restrooms.

Robertson further explained he’s “old school” in his thinking and that the America we live in today is extremely tolerant:

“I just like to call sin what it is — what God tells me it is.”

“Torchbearer,” which debuted at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, focuses on how the West is in the midst of breaking its relationship with God.

Hollywood could have such a phenomenal reach if it chose to spread the right message — instead, it upends every western value that this country stands for while telling us its the right thing. Good for Robertson for being willing to say it out loud.

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