Piers Morgan: China could get rid of Kim Jong-Un with one simple, non-violent act

Piers Morgan: China could get rid of Kim Jong-Un with one simple, non-violent act

Piers Morgan is pretty much universally hated by the American constitutionalists who love the First and Second Amendment, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Lately, I find myself reading his tweets and nodding in agreement because he’s right on an awful lot that doesn’t have to do with American politics. His thoughts on North Korea and China are spot on, and make you wonder whether China is helping Kim Jong-Un by not hindering him in any way.

Sometimes Morgan does deeply intellectual pieces for the Daily Mail.co.uk, which is an English news website. In this case, he addressed the most recent (and most dangerous) missile that North Korea has launched. While them launching missiles isn’t anything new, they also detonated a nuclear arm that sparked a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that could be felt in China as well as Japan.

This raises the question: Why has China not done anything to protect their interests from a neighbor that is mentally unstable at best and criminally insane at worst? (Seriously, just imagine this fat waste of oxygen as the Joker from Batman and things start making sense.)

According to Morgan, everyone should be concerned by the magnitude of the quake, because it indicates that whatever was set off (it is believed to be a hydrogen bomb) was seven times stronger than the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima. Everyone knows what kind of destruction that brought on the country and people of Japan, so why would we allow someone like Kim Jong-Un to have something so much stronger than that?

American Defense Secretary James Mattis has already made it known that these actions will not go unpunished, but why is the United States going to have to be the police officer of North Korea? Why not China?

Morgan believes that China has been “enabling” not-so-lil Kim and his regime, when he could completely destroy their nuclear arsenal in one non-violent move.

“But if Xi really wants to strangle Jong-un’s nuclear aspirations then he should cut off his crude oil supply,” he said. “No modern military can function without oil; it is the very lifeblood of any armed force.”

He noted that this would take some cooperation from Russia, but doing this would make their nuclear arsenal all but impotent.

Do you think that this is a good method for quieting them down, or do you think that this will inevitably end in war and bloodshed? Let us know your thoughts!

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