Prince wrote a song about Donald Trump and it’s extremely bizarre [VIDEO]

Prince wrote a song about Donald Trump and it’s extremely bizarre [VIDEO]

I guess Prince wrote a song concerning Donald Trump back in the 1990’s. It certainly isn’t one of his better ones and although Breitbart is calling it a love song in honor of Trump, it doesn’t strike me as such. What I get from the lyrics is that a black guy is trying to impress a girl and pretend he is the black version of Donald Trump… i.e. wealthy. That doesn’t mean he loves The Donald. Trump had nice things to say about Prince after his passing, but I think saying that Prince loved Trump is a bit of a stretch. The song is bizarre, but if you try and understand the lyrics, you get Prince’s drift.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Artists draw inspiration from many sources — some are expected while others are simply bizarre.

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One song in particular written by musical legend Prince might fall under the bizarre category, considering it was written about GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The song, “Donald Trump (Black Version),” written in 1990, was performed by a rhythm and blues/funk group called The Time.

The song is not exactly an endorsement and it would be interesting to know what Prince thought of Trump today, just before he passed. I tire of all the idolatry of Trump. Not everything is connected to the guy and I see nothing to admire there. Prince on the other hand, was a legend. That doesn’t mean every song he did was great or even made sense. Calling this a love song about Donald Trump is an immense exaggeration. Give it a rest already on Trump… most of us don’t love the man and are sick of it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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