ROASTED! Tim Allen Just SCHOOLED ‘Snowflakes’ The BEST Way Possible! [VIDEO]

ROASTED! Tim Allen Just SCHOOLED ‘Snowflakes’ The BEST Way Possible! [VIDEO]

My favorite show during the week is Last Man Standing with Tim Allen. Why? Mostly because he is a conservative giant and we share a similar viewpoint on the world. Plus, he’s funny as heck. His last episode was especially funny… he roasted campus Leftists. There must have been a lot of gender neutral ticked off snowflakes out there after Allen got done with them. The whole episode dealt with what could and couldn’t be said on college campuses anymore. It’s so ridiculous, it just begs for comedy. With a whole freaking list of micro-aggressions, Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) sets to work on a speech he is getting ready to give at his daughter Mandy’s school. It did not go well. Heh.

Baxter couldn’t say ‘land of opportunity’ because not everyone has the same opportunity. He couldn’t say ‘ladies and gentleman’ because there is now a whole list of other genders you can choose from. He couldn’t say ‘hard work’ and ‘succeed’ because not everyone succeeds. And don’t even get me started on ‘God’. It’s freaking moronic. If I were going to college, I would not go to one who sanctioned this kind of idiocy. If that meant not going to college… oh, well. I would also not pay for my kids to go to someplace that did this. I don’t believe in political correctness and I have no patience with fascist policies like this.


From BizPac Review:

Baxter is preparing a speech he was invited to deliver by his daughter Mandy to her business school’s graduation ceremony, and she asks him if he’d like her to help him with the address before she sends it in.

“Send it in? What do you mean?” he asks his daughter.

She explains that a faculty committee needs to check it for “micro-aggressions,” which she described as an example of “objectionable words or phrases,” so he delivers what he has written so far.

Baxter is stopped by Mandy at the very beginning of his speech — she tells Baxter that the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” can’t be used “because it excludes those who don’t identify as either.”

He’s also prevented from calling “America the land of opportunity,” leading him to conclude, “This list is insane. If I go by these rules, I’ll be going against everything I believe in.”

Baxter snatches the list of objectionable words and phrases from his daughter and sets to work — and his speech includes every objectionable word and phrase.

Tim Allen did a first rate job of defending free speech in this episode. All of this thought policing and controlling everyone’s speech just makes me see red in more ways than one. The freedom to offend is at the very core of freedom of speech. Your ‘feelings’ do not trump our constitutional rights. And just because universities have decided to turn their campuses into little communist dictatorships, it doesn’t mean we have to put up with it or condone it.

The episode was appropriately named “Precious Snowflake.” Tim Allen/Mike Baxter gets it. He’s fed up with all this ‘offended’ crap and so am I. If you are so easily hurt, you don’t belong in college or the real world for that matter. At the end of the episode, Mike Baxter does not deliver the speech. But his daughter Mandy finally realizes that he is right about freedom of speech and succeeding.

Do you know what is going on at your child’s school or university? Because if you don’t want them to be a precious snowflake, you better find out. Then I would recommend offending everyone you can in charge there that pushes this nonsense.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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