Rockers 3 Doors Down Explain Why They Risked MAJOR Backlash to Play Trump’s MAGA Concert

Rockers 3 Doors Down Explain Why They Risked MAJOR Backlash to Play Trump’s MAGA Concert

There aren’t many celebrities who have been willing to perform for Donald Trump’s inauguration and the ones who have said they would perform have been subjected to torrents of abuse from their so-called fans. But that didn’t dissuade rock band 3 Doors Down from performing and they just explained why.


3 Doors Down performed at Thursday night’s “Make America Great Again” concert, even though several performers, like Jennifer Holliday, backed out due to backlash. But 3 Doors Down wouldn’t pull out and during the concert, frequently made patriotic remarks like “God Bless America.”

“They come from conservative families,” manager Agnus Vail explained. “When Obama got elected, the singer [Brad Arnold] said please don’t talk to my father about Obama because he thinks the world has ended. He was just as horrified and depressed about Obama as many are about Trump. They were like, ‘It’s going to be Armageddon, the whole world is going to communism and he’s going to give everything away to the welfare state’.”

Not surprisingly, the band has come under fire from liberal outlets for their more patriotic, conservative stance in the past, such as this review from “Vulture”:

“Founded in 1996 in the Gulf Coast town of Escatawpa, Mississippi, 3 Doors Down is most easily classified by its lack of character. The band’s sound is not easily distinguishable from that of the multitude of rock bands that found radio and chart success around the turn of the millennium, Nickelback chief among them.”

But that doesn’t seem to bother 3 Doors Down. As they said to “Spin” magazine: “The more liberals that get all hot under their collar about it, the more we’re appreciated by a whole bunch of conservatives.”

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