Rosie O’Donnell Lashes Out At Trump For Misspelled Tweet – Accidentally Puts Herself On Blast

Rosie O’Donnell Lashes Out At Trump For Misspelled Tweet – Accidentally Puts Herself On Blast

One thing I never, ever do is correct someone’s grammar unless I’m acting as an editor. I hate grammar Nazis and it’s just rude. However, since Rosie O’Donnell took it upon herself to bash President Trump because he misspelled a couple of words, turn about is fair play here. Rosie is such a freaking genius that while she was berating the President of the United States, she misspelled a word in her criticism. Doh! She misspelled ‘heel’. A word she should be familiar with because she is one. What a maroon (i.e. Looney Tunes slang for moron). And the word is ‘sh*theel’, by the way.

Now given – she may have been trying to be witty here and was probably referring to Trump’s past tweets:

But even so, she comes across as a bitter, petty imbecile here. Why celebrities and the left fixate on Trump’s spelling is beyond me. Then Rosie went on to state that Trump had an IQ of about 25. Not true – I would imagine an accomplished man like the President has a fairly high IQ. But even if it were 25, it would be about 20 points higher than O’Donnell. Just sayin’.

From Twitchy:

So this morning, Donald Trump had a few spelling (grammatical) errors in a couple of his tweets and as usual, the media had a troll-gasm over the tweets. Between that and the eclipse retweet, it’s all we’ve heard about this morning.

Even Rosie O’Donnell took a swing at the president:

Rosie, if you can’t spell the curse word maybe don’t use it?

We looked the term ‘sh*theel’ up, and it’s actually one word and spelled with HEEL and not HEAL. Really, think about it – the word heal after sh*t makes ZERO sense … but tell us more about how Trump is stupid.

So, Trump misspells a couple of words and the celebrities on Twitter have nothing better to do than dog pile on him. Except he doesn’t give a crap. O’Donnell knows nothing about politics either… she just has a huge hate on for Trump and anyone connected to him. It’s become her life. Which is sad because it means she didn’t have much of one before that. She’s a vicious, vindictive harpy that no one likes. Therefore, she just has to attack someone, anyone to make herself feel relevant.

This cloven hooved harpy just never, ever shuts up. No wonder President Trump blocked her. I don’t blame him. Newsflash to O’Donnell… Trump’s misspellings and grammatical errors just make him more human to Americans out there. They like him even more because of it, not in spite of it. But of course, Rosie doesn’t know what it means to be a normal human being living in middle America. She lives in the bubble of Hollywood and overvalues her own opinion.

We all make mistakes… that’s the normal course of life. What isn’t normal is fixating on someone like Trump and stalking him because you are jealous of him and just have to have someone to hate. Seek help Rosie… for everyone’s sake.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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