JK Rowling Falsely Accuses President Trump Of Avoiding Wheelchair-Bound Boy [VIDEO]

JK Rowling Falsely Accuses President Trump Of Avoiding Wheelchair-Bound Boy [VIDEO]

“Harry Potter” author JK Rowling is known for her fantastic writings. My entire childhood was based around her books, which I would stay up all night reading as soon as they came out.

Unfortunately, when she writes about politics, her works aren’t nearly as intelligent. In fact, she appears to be writing fiction when she doesn’t even mean to.

The famous author took to Twitter and inadvertently embarrassed herself by posting a deceptively edited video that appeared to show Trump ignoring a handicapped boy who was reaching out for his hand.

She also went on a Twitter rant about the way Trump has treated the disabled, but overlooked one very important fact – they’re lies.

The original video, which seems to show Trump avoiding a disabled boy, has since been deleted, but the real video shows Trump paying special attention to the young boy. The best part? It was tweeted by the Young Democrats for Trump.

Well, ain’t that something.

I get that Democrats and liberals want to demonize Trump and try to validate their loss and get in their meaningless “I told you so” jabs. A lot of conservatives did that to Obama. The thing is, as a public figure you’re held to a higher standard than other people, for better and worse. When you’re caught in a lie like this, it’s going to affect how people see you. When you get famous for something like writing non-partisan fiction, it can be risky to alienate a part of your audience by posting your political views. It’s really for the best to just stay out of it, especially when you don’t even live in the United States.

My advice to Rowling – which will undoubtedly fall on deaf ears – is to delete the tweets and apologize to her audience in an attempt to save face.

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