Scott Baio Fired Up: If Trump Cured Cancer, They’d Hate Him For ‘Putting Oncologists Out of Business’

Scott Baio Fired Up: If Trump Cured Cancer, They’d Hate Him For ‘Putting Oncologists Out of Business’

The media can and will spin just about everything to make President Donald Trump look like an inefficient, ineffective leader and I think we’re all aware of that. Even those of us who aren’t exactly Trump’s biggest cheerleaders are looking at outlets like CNN as if they’ve gone absolutely crazy.

And in a way, they have. Their obsession with Trump and attempting to make him out to be the worst President ever who is LITERALLY HITLER is eerily reminiscent of a mental illness. It’s gone beyond the point of wanting to keep the President in check and has become a mission to keep his approval ratings as low as possible.

Scott Baio noted this and the general attitude of many liberals in America in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

While discussing the Hollywood elites and his support of Trump, Baio pointed out that the President could do absolutely nothing to make them happy. Even the most generous, benevolent of actions would earn him disdain from those who are dedicating themselves to hating him.

“I don’t give a sh*t about Hollywood liberals,” Baio toldThe Hollywood Reporter, which contacted several members of the secretive group of Hollywood conservatives called Friends of Abe.

Baio said liberals in Hollywood will hate President Trump “no matter what.”

“If he cured cancer, they’d be on him for putting oncologists out of business,” said the 55-year-old actor, who endorsed Trump last March and delivered a fiery primetime speech in July at the Republican National Convention.

Let’s be honest, we all have that one person on our friends list who is exactly like that. They refuse to see reason and can twist anything into a negative. To those of us in search for the truth and not simply a biased perspective in either way, it’s quite annoying.

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