SNL’s Alec Baldwin Victim-Shames Rose McGowan, Quits Twitter

SNL’s Alec Baldwin Victim-Shames Rose McGowan, Quits Twitter

Y’all, it’s finally happened. Yes, the liberal blowhard Alec Baldwin has had his last meltdown and left Twitter. (Hopefully for good, but people like him need his ego stroked regularly, so don’t expect this to be a permanent thing.)

Though if and when he comes back, even liberals will find themselves unable to support him. You see, his last action before quitting social media was to victim-shame Rose McGowan, who we all know by now lead the digital charge against Harvey Weinstein following the report of his sexual harassment of actresses.

Way to make yourself unappealing to literally every decent human on the planet, Alec. Hope you’re not planning to work any time in the near… ever.

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin appeared on PBS on Friday (does anyone actually still watch PBS?) in which he admitted that he had heard that Rose McGowan was being raped by Harvey Weinstein, but did nothing about it.

When the interviewer broached the subject that while it seems “everyone knew” about the sexual violence taking place in Hollywood, nobody actually stood up for any of the victims. Alec defended himself by saying he never went to the authorities because Rose McGowan had taken a $100,000 settlement in 1997.

He later admits that he didn’t know until just recently that she had taken the settlement. You know, in case you needed yet another reason to hate this low-life piece of human garbage.

“What happened was that Rose McGowan took a payment of $100,000 and settled her case with him, and it was for Rose McGowan to prosecute that case … I had no idea, until now, that she had settled the case … Do the settlement of these cases hurt the cause of exposing and bringing us to a place of real change?” Baldwin asked. “When women take money and are silenced by that money, even though they took the money and were silenced because they were told, beyond the money, it was the right thing for them to do — keep quiet, don’t make too many waves, it is going to hurt your career. When they do it, nonetheless, does it set back the cause of change?”

First of all, you cretin, McGowan was 23 years-old at the time that Weinstein began assaulting her. The fact that you didn’t do a damn thing to help an innocent girl who just wanted to make it in Hollywood is disgusting.

It should also be known that during the 90s while this was happening, the media and Weinstein’s good friends the Clintons were busy bashing women who were accusing the President of sexual misconduct and rape. It wasn’t exactly a friendly atmosphere for female victims to accuse men of standing of being inappropriate.

And so what if she took the money? That doesn’t make her any less of a victim, you absolute and utter scourge.

Oh, but now that she’s speaking up, Rose won’t be shut up. She took to Twitter to bash Baldwin.

Baldwin blocked Argento and then proceeded to badmouth her behind her back. But the Internet sees all.

And then…


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