Social media meltdown! Fans go berserk when a dead celebrity is thought to be alive

Social media meltdown! Fans go berserk when a dead celebrity is thought to be alive

Seriously? People seem to really think that Michael Jackson is still alive. All it took was a selfie from his daughter Paris Jackson, who is now 18. They spotted a shadow in the backseat and Instagram had a meltdown. People wanted to know if it was the pop star’s ghost or was he indeed still alive. I actually know people involved in the case and I can assure you, Jackson has gone onto other adventures that aren’t in this realm.

Over 1,000 people commented on the shadowy backseat photo. They were grasping at any hope out there that Michael Jackson was still alive. It’s sad really that so many are that desperate and detached from reality. One particularly passionate user was adamant of the singer’s presence: “I told everyone that he was alive but no, no one believed me! And now they know he’s alive!” Another actually accused Paris of being involved in a conspiracy, writing: “She’s not stupid enough to post this picture if he was really alive.” Tacky AND stupid… it’s a twofer.


From the Daily Mail:

The world was shaken by Michael Jackson’s tragic death back in 2009.

But now thousands of people are preparing for their worlds to be shaken once again, after being led to believe the beloved singer is actually still alive and well.

Commenting on a spooky car selfie posted by his daughter Paris Jackson, 18, many are now claiming that the shadowy form on the backseat behind her is actually the resurrected King of Pop.

Taking on a cute smirk for the shot in a wicker sun hat and rounded sunglasses, Paris uploaded the shot for her fans’ enjoyment back in May.

However on Sunday, speculation began amongst her followers in the comments section that the dark form behind her is actually the ghost, or even more dramatically, the living form of her deceased father.
One user questioned: ‘Who’s that in the backseat???’

If that wasn’t dumb enough… it gets worse. People have started making videos trying to prove that Jackson is still alive and relaxing in the back seat. One of these pathetic beings has made such a video with the word ‘Believe’ superimposed on it. It has been viewed move than 300,000 times.

The more sane among our species note that it is probably a bag on that seat or a pic edited to fool gullible fans. One user commented: “How the hell can anyone imagine there is a person in the backseat? What is wrong with people?” Ah… the voice of sanity finally. While another rolled their eyes at his fellow Instagram users, laughing: “How many people get fooled by silly hoaxes on the net!” Evidently, a lot do.

I hate to break it to these people, but the King of Pop has been gone from us for seven years now and he’s not coming back. Deal with it.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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