Stephen Colbert Gives Kellyanne Conway New Title “Satan’s Trophy Wife” In Anti-Trump Monologue [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert Gives Kellyanne Conway New Title “Satan’s Trophy Wife” In Anti-Trump Monologue [VIDEO]

Dang, Stephen, back at it again with the women-hating, late-night “comedy.”

Wasn’t there a time when even talking about a woman in a negative way could get you branded as a sexist and exiled to the furthest corner of the world? Or is that only for conservatives and Republicans?

Well, if it wasn’t for double-standards, some people wouldn’t have any standards at all.

In another one of his malicious monologues, Stephen Colbert insulted KellyAnne Conway, calling her “Satan’s trophy wife.”

He also mocked her use of paper signs in a recent Fox News interview during which she defended Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

“Last night, senior White House adviser and Satan’s trophy wife Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News and used a little visual aid to drive home her point,” he said, pulling out pages of his own.

“[Donald] Trump Jr. tried to articulate but that turned out to incriminate,” Colbert said mockingly. “See it’s easy to remember, it’s something even an idiot would anticipate and now he’s going to be an inmate. Just thought we’d have some fun with words.”

Watch the video below:

Colbert has an extremely long and extremely angry anti-Trump streak, but this is just beyond the pale.

This “comedian” mocked how Trump referred to women and his “grab ’em by the p****” comment, yet does and says things like this about a woman he doesn’t know all for some cheap laughs. How disgusting is that?

He owes Conway a sincere and public apology for his horrific words. No woman deserves to be bashed that way over political differences and you would think a “pro-woman” liberal like Colbert would understand that.

Of course his fans aren’t going to hold his feet to the fire because “this is different.” It’s always different when the target isn’t someone you like.

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