Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon And More Late-Nite Hosts Ignore Weinstein Scandal

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon And More Late-Nite Hosts Ignore Weinstein Scandal

Is it just me, or have late night “comedy” shows not been funny for awhile now? I’ve stopped watching these posturing morons for some time because they aren’t funny and all they do is nitpick President Trump. I was a teenager when Bush II was president and all they seemed to do was poke fun at his many gaffes. I thought the Colbert Report was pretty funny because there is only one thing I hate more than establishment GOP Republican types and that’s Democrats.

But it seems that, with the ascent of President Trump, these late night hosts have become more political and less funny. Exhibit A is the shocking silence about Democratic Party donor Harvey Weinstein and the scandal he finds himself currently in. I’m sure if someone like Bill O’Reilly was accused of sexual misconduct, these late night cretins would give him the benefit of the doubt and completely ignore a New York Times report discussing it. Oh wait, I’m living in fairy tale land.

I’m tired of calling out hypocrisy. It’s just too obvious and if people can’t see it themselves, there is no hope for them. I remember having a roommate who got 100% of his news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and he thought he was knowledgeable about domestic policy. This is what we’re up against. It’s been so ingrained with the younger generation to trust these kinds of people with news and public policy debates. They are leftists with an agenda.

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This is all too clear when it comes to the cricket chirps surrounding the Weinstein scandal. He was accused of taking advantage of young actresses in Hollywood because of his status.

My take on all of this is clear. All people in power are not to be trusted. I don’t trust anyone from Hollywood, the government, academia, you name it. They all have an agenda and it is usually to further the agenda of the Democratic left and steal our freedoms right out from under us. Just take a look at the gun control debate. There is no debate in good faith. It is all name calling and “THINK OF THE CHILDREN FOR GOD’S SAKE!” I’m done with these kinds of people. I can certainly coexist with them, but they are increasingly unable to coexist with us.

I guess I’m being too harsh about the situation. There is an increasingly long list of celebrities who are committing to giving back donations that Weinstein gave in the past. If there is something that politicians love more than money, I’m not sure I’ve come across that yet. I’ll believe it when I see it. Donald Trump Jr. called out Hillary Clinton about it. Only time will tell if these late night people will finally talk about this. Millions of Americans get their news from them, they have a moral obligation to report it.

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