Stephen King BANS Trump From Watching His New Movie – Now Reddit Leads BOYCOTT

Stephen King BANS Trump From Watching His New Movie – Now Reddit Leads BOYCOTT

Do you have any idea how much stupidity it takes to actually piss off Reddit to the point that they organize some sort of IRL action against you? A LOT, okay? They, like most Internet-dwelling beings, would rather be able to post awesome memes all day and not actually have to dedicate time and energy into doing anything more than they absolutely have to. It’s basically an entire website of teenagers.

That being said, when you finally prod them into action, the legion-like force of Reddit will be revealed and being the recipient of it will probably destroy your life. Maybe a little.

Stephen King is about to find this out the hard way… that the Internet hates Donald Trump WAY less than they love “challenge accepted” moments.

On August 25th, King tweeted about being blocked by Donald Trump, so, in petulant Hollywood fashion, King “blocked” Trump from seeing his movies. (Something that I anticipate is going to be as effective as a “gun-free zone” sign.)

Well, as good as that sounds, r/TheDonald wasn’t having the disrespect. You see, this sub-reddit is dedicated to any and everything supporting President Trump and they’re not going to let Stephen King (who looks like he could play the villain in one of his own horror novels) have the last laugh. Instead, they sent out a notice for their nearly 500,000 subscribers telling them know that everyone who supports Trump is going to be boycotting the movies based on his books.

“Okay, Everyone. Please DO NOT go see Stephen King’s new ‘IT’ movie this weekend when it opens,” read the Reddit post title. “If you have to see it, wait till after opening weekend so he has a lousy showing this week. Trump stands up for us, so we should stand up for him!” The post has already garnered upward of 300 comments.

Several Reddit users slammed King for injecting politics into entertainment, which really eliminates the whole “entertainment” part.

“Keep your idiot politics to yourself. I go to see a movie to relax, not to constantly get made fun of for being conservative. You say you don’t want Trump supporters’ money? We’ll see…” said one, implying that King could lose a lot of money by alienating conservative and Trump-supporting members of his audience.

One even commented about King’s attitude, calling it the perfect reason to illegally download the movie instead of paying for it and giving their money to someone who hates them.

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