Did Taylor Swift Get Huge Breast Implants? (Photos)

Did Taylor Swift Get Huge Breast Implants? (Photos)

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, well known for her musical talent as both a singer and a songwriter. But she’s also become notorious for her fashion sense, often demure by Hollywood standards, as well as for her slender, willowy figure. But new photos had people wondering if Swift had caved to Hollywood pressure and gone under the knife.

In 2015, Swift attended the Billboard Music Awards, where she was one of the night’s big winners. Her white getup was relatively revealing and showed small breasts.

But then, a year later, she stepped out with then-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston — and it prompted rumors that she had gone under the knife to get breast implants.

“I think Taylor Swift got a boob job before the Red album came out and then again during the transition from Calvin to Tom,” one fan remarked. “Is Taylor Swift pregnant or did she just get massive implants?” another said.

But was it really implants? Photos from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards taken from another angle show plenty of cleavage:

Mark Norfolk is the clinical director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group — and he thinks Swift got implants. “Looking at the recent images of Taylor Swift, it does appear as though she has had a surgical breast augmentation,” he said.

“She seems to have had modest sized implants to keep the size of her breasts in line with her slender and boyish figure,” he explained. “Many patients we see here don’t want anyone to notice that they’ve had their breasts done and opt for smaller sized implants. Her implants have most likely been placed sub-muscular – this placement technique is used on patients who want a natural result but don’t have a lot of existing breast fat for the surgeon to work with. She looks great and has a very natural result.”

But sources deny that she got a boob job, arguing that she “likes the fact that she can go bra-less and have them still be perky” and has “always liked her breasts”. Some fans also are skeptical. “She was wearing a pink bra with soft memory foam inserts under the red top, it is visible in a couple pictures,” one person pointed out. “She’s hiding her nipples. If you look at the Nashville show after pictures you can see them riding out.”

Other fans, though, believe Norfolk. “Of course she did, and they look terrible, one is square,” one person wrote. “No need to speculate,” another person chimed in. “It is glaringly obvious that she has implants. They’re too big and don’t look natural. Women with super slim frames rarely have natural breasts of that size. Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz also have implants, but they were a little more subtle about it.”

Do you think she got implants?

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