“The Limbaugh Victory”

I’ve been meaning to write about Zev Chafet’s New York Times op-ed giving Rush Limbaugh credit for well, the whole Republican party. Dude.

He says things like this:

His strategy was simple. With Democrats controlling Congress, Mr. Limbaugh saw that there was no way to stop the president’s agenda. He dismissed the moderates’ notion that compromising with the president would make Republicans look good to independents. Instead he decreed that the Republicans must become the party of no, and force Democratic candidates – especially centrists – to go into 2010 with sole responsibility for the Obama program and the state of the economy. And that is what has happened.

Newsflash: The Democrats are in charge of everything. Any bipartisanship…even one Republican vote, gives them cover for their failures. Republicans don’t have to look to Rush Limbaugh to know that you don’t jump on a sinking ship. You let it go down on its own.

And this is another gem:

Mr. Limbaugh was not just the architect of this plan, he was (and continues to be) its enforcer. Dissenters like Arlen Specter, whom Mr. Limbaugh disparaged as a “Republican in Name Only,” found themselves unelectable in the party primaries. Moderates like Michael Steele, the party chairman, were slapped down for suggesting cooperation with the administration.

Arlen Specter showed all the Republican ideals of, well, a staunch Democrat. His voting record since turning Democrat has been, surprise!, staunchly Democrat. No thoughtful moderate, Arlen. More like, pure political opportunist. So Limbaugh is supposed to praise him?

No one likes Arlen, except, it seems, Zev Chafets. The fact is, the Democrats love guys like Arlen because he gave them cover when he was Republican. But he’s not so lovable now that he’s on their side. Classic.

Rush Limbaugh is popular because he reflects conservative thought, not because he creates it.

For those so wishing Rush Limbaugh would leave the public sphere, I’ll give you a way to make that happen, right here, right now: Start having the news organizations report honestly.

A truthful, unbiased media would put guys like Rush Limbaugh out of business. At the least, they’d greatly reduce their appeal.

Since that will never happen, people will listen to Rush Limbaugh to have their point of view voiced and heard. It’s as simple as that.

And for what it’s worth, the “moderate” strategy the Democrats would love Republicans to follow is a losing strategy: See 2006 and 2008.

Pinning anything that the Republican party does on Limbaugh is nothing but pure fantasy. These guys are running around like headless chickens following no one, including Rush Limbaugh.

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