The Nipple Slip Of Renowned Children’s Book Author, Madonna

When I was in college, Madonna’s book “Sex” was white hot. Unfortunately, it was also very expensive and although I was very curious, there was no way I would have ever dropped $50 on it. However ironically, it turned out that there was a copy of her book in UNC-Charlotte’s library. So, I headed up to the rare book section, checked it out, and sat in the library looking at what I was a bit surprised to find was straight up pornography. It’s hard to explain what a comparable experience would be today because whorishness has become so much more common. If Lady Gaga or Britney Spears did a similar book, no one would bat an eye. Back then, one of the most popular singers in the world getting humped by Vanilla Ice was still a fresh, new experience. Granted, the fresh, new experience was probably some sort of negative turning point, a wardrobe malfunction of the soul for society – but still.

Well, congrats to Madonna because she has broken yet another new skankiness barrier.

The Queen of Pop has caused outrage by purposefully exposing her right breast while performing in Istanbul over the weekend.

And now a flurry of fans have taken to the internet to criticise her actions and complain that the 53-year-old is too old to be flashing her flesh in such a way.

…But on Thursday evening the singer shocked when she exposed her right breast to an audience of over 55,000 people during a performance of Human Nature at the Turk Telecom Arena in Istanbul.
Caught in the moment of the provocative 1995 hit’s lyrics Madonna undressed herself much to the pleasure of her excited fans.

Know what really bugged me about that?

It’s not so much that Madonna is 53 years old and stil flashing the audience. That’s Madonna being Madonna.

What really bugged me about it is that this is a woman who has written lots of children’s books. Listen to some of the comments from the Amazon page for “Madonna: Five Books for Children (The English Roses / Mr. Peabody’s Apples / Yakov and the Seven Thieves / The Adventures of Abdi, and Lotsa de Casha).”

I purchased these books for my 6 and 8 year old nieces, and they absolutely adore them. I read the books with them, and they are wonderful. The illustrations are breath taking as well. All the books carry a positive message and teach young kids how to deal with sittuations they will go through in life on day. A definite proof that Madonna has taken a step foward with her life. Wonderful job, love them.

I was so impressed with the children’s book MR. PEABODY’S APPLES by Madonna that I decided to read it to my fourth through sixth grade classes too.

She loves these books and she was so excited to get them for Christmas…so Madonna have won me over with her children books…and I’m going to try and get them all for her…

Madonna is a deviant. It’s scary enough to think that she has children of her own. What sort of bad parent wants Madonna influencing her own children? What do you think those little “6 and 8 year old nieces” think when they hear about Madonna whipping out her breast in front of 55,000 people? Maybe it’s just me, but flashing your breast to 50,000 people should be incompatible with writing books for children. It should be a “one or the other” sort of thing. Whatever happened to trying to protect your kids from people like Madonna as opposed to setting her up as a role model by having children read her books?

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