Tom Brady’s Stolen Jersey FOUND – Authorities Learn There Is A NASTY Twist To The Story…

Tom Brady’s Stolen Jersey FOUND – Authorities Learn There Is A NASTY Twist To The Story…

So, the mystery of the missing Super Bowl jersey has finally been solved. That’s right, Tom Brady now has his sweaty shirt back which was apparently stolen after the game.

Well, it turns out that the 2016 game jersey wasn’t the only thing that was stolen, but the most interesting thing about this whole case is WHO stole the items.


From Western Journalism:

When authorities finally tracked down New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl LI jersey, they found more than they bargained for.

The NFL on Monday announced that Brady’s jersey, stolen after last month’s dramatic Super Bowl victory over the Atlanta Falcons, was recovered along with the jersey Brady wore for Super Bowl XLIX.

“Through the cooperation of the NFL and New England Patriots’ security teams, the FBI and other law enforcement authorities, the Super Bowl LI jersey worn last month by MVP Tom Brady has been recovered,” an NFL statement said. “Also retrieved during the ongoing investigation was the jersey Brady wore in the Patriots’ victory in Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks in 2015.

“The items were found in the possession of a credentialed member of the international media. Due to an ongoing investigation, we would refer any additional questions to the FBI,” the statement added.

A Twitter message posted by the Houston police indicated the jerseys were found in Mexico.

This is absolutely disgusting, even though it’s not even really all that important in the grand scheme of things. It’s horrible that a member of the media would steal anything from an athlete.

I’m glad these jerseys were found and returned to Brady.

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