Tom Cruise’s New Movie Included Scene Of Bill Clinton Getting Lap Dance

From what I gather, Tom Cruise is in a new movie called “American Made,” which is about the conspiracy theory that Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush were both involved in massive illegal arms and drug operations. While editing the film, an interesting scene was nixed for being too political.

In this scene, a young Bill Clinton receives a lap dance at a gentleman’s club in Arkansas. The problem was that the producer, Cross Creek Films, wanted to keep the movie “apolitical” and decided that it needed to go.

So, a scene about a strip club gets chopped for being “too political” in a movie that is about Presidents.

Well, okay then. That seems logical.

It should also be noted that “American Made” wasn’t the original title of the movie. It was supposed to be “Mena,” which was an Arkansas town that played a leading role in the crimes and cover-ups. However, they wanted to distance themselves from Clinton’s roots.

But George H.W. Bush also received some heavy criticism in the movie. In one scene (which was also deleted) Bush Sr. was tied to an arm-running scheme. According to conspiracy theorists, Bush was involved in extremely dirty things while the head of the FBI and Clinton was in on it while he was the Governor of Arkansas. Yes, it’s crazy. That’s why it’s a conspiracy theory.

So, why would they cut out the lap dance scene when it is arguably the least political part of the movie? Something tells me that particular order came from up on high in the Clinton ranks, so as not to make them look bad. I can’t imagine any other reason they would chop it out.

We all know that Bill Clinton had/has a zipper problem and that he was… shall we say “fond” of the womenfolk. He has a long list of female accusers who claim that he was inappropriate with them even to the point that some of them claim that he raped them. If anything, this is the most accurate part of the film.

I think that for the time being, we should probably avoid making films about politicians and Presidents given the state of the country and the division at the time. And making a movie about Presidents and conspiracy theories is just in bad taste.

Well, I can tell you one thing for certain, this is a movie that you couldn’t pay me to see.

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