Trump Supporters Ask Hollywood One Question – Watch the Response [VIDEO]

Trump Supporters Ask Hollywood One Question – Watch the Response [VIDEO]

Trump supporters marched in Hollywood before the Oscars last night calling for an end to the hate. They were a colorful group… I’ll give them that. At one point, there was an all out boxing match between two women. The woman who attacked the Trump supporter was arrested from what I understand. So much for liberal tolerance.

Among the Trump supporters was a man who is Mexican and he told them he was pro-Trump because he was concerned about illegal aliens as well. But you won’t hear that covered, I’m sure. The leftists would not allow free speech as usual. It was not a huge group that rallied for Trump, but a significant one. And it goes to show how divided America is at the moment. They just wanted to know, ‘Why the hate?’


From Young Conservatives:

There is no doubt that Hollywood is a full of liberals.

Tonight of all nights with the Oscars, we’re likely to see a lot on stage bashing President Donald Trump.

But a few Trump supporters managed to make it to the Oscars today.

At least to the outside of the event.

They have a message for the Hollywood left inside the auditorium.

They chanted for Hollywood to stop the negative and divisive rhetoric.

But then they were attacked by leftists, one of whom was arrested.


The group held its demonstration outside the Metro station near the corner of Hollywood and Vine, not far from the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars ceremony was held. About a dozen protesters carried signs, Trump banners and American flags, chanting “Celebrities don’t speak for us” and “Hollywood, don’t divide us.” The protest was called by the San Fernando Valley for Trump Celebration group, which said it believed “Hollywood elites” were trying to divide America. They got that one exactly right.

The Trump supporters stood their ground and answered passersby who yelled good and bad things at them. Emily Hemingway, 19, and her boyfriend David Feiner, 24, joined the crowd of about a dozen outside the Hollywood/Vine station. “Everyone likes to worship these celebrities as if they’re some sort of deities,” Feiner said. “We just want to show that just because a celebrity thinks a certain way and because they might express their views on a large platform that does not reflect the views of all of America,” Hemingway added. “That reflects the views of that individual person. I feel like celebrities are trying to kind of speak for us and we want to speak for us. That’s why we’re out here.”

As the crowd chanted Trump’s name, celebrities rolled up the windows of their limos and cars. Some people inside the cars glanced confusedly at the signs held up against the fence including “Make America great again” and “The silent majority stands with Trump.” One woman inside a car gave the supporters the finger. That’s Hollywood for you folks. Where reds walk the red carpet.

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