Trump’s Tweets Make Snowflake Alyssa Milano Curl Up In A ‘Fetal Position’

Trump’s Tweets Make Snowflake Alyssa Milano Curl Up In A ‘Fetal Position’

Is anyone else getting sick of Alyssa Milano constantly complaining about the President? I get that she doesn’t like the guy. Most of the time, I don’t either. That being said I’m not a total wuss about it either. I don’t complain about his tweets and broadcast that they cause me to curl up in the fetal position and want to be put out of my misery. Perhaps that is because I don’t base my entire existence around the President’s genitals.

Her pitiful tweets almost make me feel bad for her. And then I remember that she knew about Harvey Weinstein’s habit of sexually victimizing actresses and I realize she deserves everything she gets.

And more.

“Just made the mistake of reading all of ‘s tweets from the last few days. I’m now curled up in the fetal position with an Cinderella tiara on my head. Also, my feet are cold. So very cold,” she wrote.

This is the same woman who threatened to “take to the streets” if Trump was elected. Yeah, I don’t see that happening if 280 characters can bring her to her knees. She is both the worst and the best example of feminism I’ve ever seen. The worst, because real feminists would spit on her if they could see what women have become in 2017. The best because this is the most accurate representation of modern-day feminism that I’ve seen in my entire life.

The “independent, powerful woman” narrative kind of goes out the window when you start posting crap like this.

Twitter also jumped on the chance to bash a group of people who claim to “resist” Trump’s Presidency. Presumably by crying so much for the next four years that they can’t hear or see anything he’s doing.

It’s not surprising that Milano and liberals just like her are so deeply disturbed by the idea of not getting their way that they are having to throw tantrums like children in order to get attention. The thing Trump does better than any other person on the planet is turn fully-grown adults into whimpering, snot-nosed babies. I wish I had that kind of anti-aging power.

Of course, you have to feel bad for Alyssa. Imagine being so emotionally unstable, so mentally fragile, that tweets are enough to rock you to your core. Imagine being so weak that something said in 140-280 characters can cause you to curl up into the fetal position. Clearly she is not well.

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