VIDEO: Celebrity leads protests against Trump, sends hilarious messages, but there’s just one thing…

VIDEO: Celebrity leads protests against Trump, sends hilarious messages, but there’s just one thing…

There was a march for taxes yesterday and it was centered around President Trump showing his tax returns. Most of those in attendance literally had nothing better to do, were a washed up celebrity, or have a strange combination of both combined with a sick and demented obsession with Trump’s taxes. Because, as you know, if Trump shows his tax returns, then the entire axis of the planet will change, global warming is fixed (if it exists) and every human becomes the same color, so we can’t blame race on everything from bad pancakes to not letting white people into the black student union.

If you haven’t heard by now, then try to figure out who the person is in the video below. Here’s a clue. She once depicted herself licking a dog’s butt in an old TV show episode.

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And here’s another video of none other than Sarah Silverman leading the pack of possibly emotionally challenged people with no lives into the wilderness of protests.

“Show us your f**king taxes, you emotional child,” Silverman shouted to a receptive, anti-Trump, crowd in New York City. “You like being a superficial bully? Here’s one for you: You are a three at best.”

And speaking of being an emotional child, Silverman tweeted pictures of the signs she brought to the march that included “Give up your taxes you smelly taint,” “Donald Trump eats farts 4 dinner,” “You’re a 3 at best” and “Hey Donny, did you pay zero taxes in rubles or dollars? Criminals hide #taxes.”

She called Trump an emotional child. But, if you know anything about Silverman, or have seen her on Twitter, then you know she’s really calling him the things that SHE is. Is this her projecting herself out there, but using Trump as the scapegoat? SHE acts like an emotional child. Spend five minutes on her Twitter page and you’ll probably think the same way.

Why do people care about Trump’s taxes? I don’t care if he paid millions or if he paid nothing. What one person paid in taxes has NO impact on anyone else. If Trump’s accountants found loopholes and ways to avoid certain taxes, then good for him. I can only hope everyone else in America finds an accountant who can legally do the same exact thing and save your family some money.

And didn’t we already find out that back in 2005, Trump paid about $38 million in taxes? That’s more money paid in taxes than my entire city combined. At least I think it is. There’s under 2 million people in Philadelphia, but I’m not a mathematician and I don’t know how that adds up.

If he didn’t pay more than my whole city combined, then he at least paid more than Detroit, Camden or Chicago.

The bottom line is that these liberals are absolutely demented. They are possessed and demonized by Trump. They are obsessed with the guy and they literally have no life whatsoever.

Keep fighting the pointless fight while other people are out making a difference.

Good job, Sarah. You make no impact on society other than providing humor.

Of course, this entire article is based on my opinion, with the exception that Trump likely paid more taxes than everyone at this protest will ever pay in their life.

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